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Ecarb Equipment and Systems
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HCl Scrubbers

“OneButton” scrubbers are specifically designed for HCl containing gas treatment. Our systems are fully automatic, PLC controlled, and their premium quality and technology are combined with the minimum investment cost. Main items are produced internally.

Scrubbers are used to avoid any emission of pollutants into atmosphere. Due to its high volatility, HCl can be released from undesired vent points onto storage tanks or from process equipment.

In order to reduce emissions under permitted limits, it is possible to use single stage or multistage scrubbers. The liquid, typically water or caustic soda solution, captures the acid gas by absorbing it into absorption columns (scrubbers). Multi-stage scrubbers are usually chosen when HCl is relatively concentrated into vent gas. First stage often needs an heat exchanger beside to the washing column, to remove absorption heat. In case of double stage scrubber, weak acid from first stage can be recovered.

Scrubbers are plastic (PP or PVC-FRP) or graphite columns and they are are equipped with a demister to avoid aerosol emission. To ensure water and caustic soda continuous make up, control system foreseen level sensors, PH and / or redox detectors. Columns, pumps, heat exchangers and instrumentation are selected to ensure longer operating life and lower investment costs.

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