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Ecarb Equipment and Systems
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Glass Lined Vessels

When glass marries the steel

In cooperation with selected Italian partner, Ecarb designs and manufactures glass lined process unit for chemical and pharmaceutical industries, according to customer’s process specification. Any detail is studied and designed for the specific application and it is optimised on the basis of the geometry of the equipment: reactors, vessels or columns. Reactors are available coording to DIN standards, with full set of certifications.

Safe mechanical calculation, optimal definition of glass lining process in controlled temperature ovens and accurate selection of glass powder blend: every step of the manufacturing process is performed to ensure the perfect execution.Each item is double checked: metallic shell is tested before glass-lining (X-ray, hydraulic test) and a full set of tests is carried out at the end of lining process, according to reference standards. Spark test is always performed to ensure constant lining thickness. Our sealing system foresee the use of three layers envelope gaskets or Gore® gaskets, specific for enameled steel, together with certified clamps.

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