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Graphec® Graphite Internals for Mass Transfer

Graphite internals are the ideal complement of graphite and PTFE lined columns. On the basis of a long process competences and experience, our engineers are able to perform accurate selection of the suitable internals for each process unit, from distillation column to falling film absorber.

Graphec® column internals show significant advantages, when compared to plastic internals (PTFE) or metallic internals:

  • Superior thermal stability in a large temperature range (Graphec® is not thermoplastic material and it does not deform during its lifetime);
  • Complicated geometry with cemented joints;
  • High wetability due to low surface tension and higher roughness of graphite;
  • Lower price compared with PTFE or metallic internals.

Graphec® internals product line includes:

  • Distributor plates: massive graphite plates with crowns or graphite sieved pipes for proper distribution of liquid or gas along the packing section;
  • Tunnel cap, sieved and bubble cap trays with downcomers and weirs, eventually assembled in a complete frame, with tie rods and gaskets;
  • Dip pipe, chimney plates, support grids, re-distributors and support plates;
  • Packing: graphite Raschig rings.
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