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Ecarb Equipment and Systems
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Absorption Units

“OneButton” HCl absorption units offer specific solutions for quenching, absorption and recovery of hydrocloric Acid.

HCL absorption and recovery unit. By treating gases with high HCl content, it is possible to recover high quantities of acid at a commercial grade (concentration up to 37%) and high purity. HCl absorption generate heat, which must be continuously removed. Gases may be treated into adiabatic absorption columns, often equipped with external heat exchanger, or into isothermal falling film absorber. When feed gas are hot, a quencer must be installed at the package inlet (visit Graphec® quenchers web page for further details).

Hot gases quenching. From industrial or civil waste combustion process, hot spent gases (up to 1800 °C) with high content acids (HCl, H2SO4) are suddenly cooled in graphite adiabatic quencher, by means of evaporation of quenching solution (visit Graphec® quenchers web page for further details). Saturated gas is then condensed and absorbed in process sections designed to obtain desired acid concentration, on the basis of project specifications.

Hydrochloric acid scrubbers. Scrubbers are necessary to avoid HCl emission, due to its high volatility. Visit “One-button scrubbers” web page for further details.

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