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Ferric Chlorides From Pickling Solution Recover

Spent pickling bathes are not a waste to be expensively disposed, but a renewable resource to produce a valuable product. Ferric Chloride is an inorganic additive used in sewage treatment and drinking water production. Graphec® OneButton systems allow production of ferric chloride (with basic purity) starting from exhaust pickling solutions.

Our packages are turn-key units, complete of intermediate storage vessels, oil removing section, reaction section, concentration unit and scrubber. If not available on site, utilities are integrated in our package. Commissioning and start-up assistance can be provided in order to show system features and to train operators to manage the unit and minimize downtime.

Exhaust pickling solution can be completely re-used thanks our systems. Pickling solutions are purified from organic content (oil and grease) and they are treated into reactors by oxidation of ferrous chloride to ferric chloride. Intermediate ferric chloride weak solution is concentrated into a double stage evaporator. Heat saving devices are implemented in the system to minimize steam and reactants consumption.

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