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Ecarb Equipment and Systems
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EcarbTechnologies is the new EPC Company based in Milan focused on inorganic chemistry industrial process, with specific know how in chlorine and caustic soda synthesis and transformation.

Company founders have put in common their passion and their wide professional background, creating a comprehensive network of industrial expertise, based on decades of field practice. This context permits to provide complete support, from feasibility study up to process debugging, debottlenecking of existing plants and after sales technical assistance.

Ecarbtechnologies is european partner of Bluestar, Engineering subsidiary company of Chemchina group. Bluestar is the world biggest electrolysis cells manufacturer in terms of production capacity and may offer a wide range of technologies connected to chlorine and caustic soda synthesis and transformation. Bluestar produces also internally many process equipment made of exotic metals, with a proven reputation of excellent quality and full set of necessary certifications. Ecarbtechnologies provide local support to our asian Partner, integrating electrolysers and equipment in comprehensive turn-key project, with a worldwide delivery capacity.

Our added values are:

  • Huge and direct experience in electrochemical process, design and assessment.
  • Know-how on chloro-alkali and derivatives.
  • High level engineering and project management skills, providing careful customer support.
  • Light structure with a flexible network of experienced professional and subcontractors, providing their competence and experience for all the project phases including the after sales assistance.

Ecarbtechnologies will not charge heavy cost of structure or huge management fees, and customer will benefit from quality and low investment costs.
European class engineering and service level matches powerful and convenient technologies of our Chinese partners.

EcarbTechnologies is the smart alternative to heavy and expensive contractors: we are able to drastically reduce the investment cost and to minimize total cost of ownership in the chloro-alkali industry.

The care of details for operators safety, the respect of the environment and a maximum service factor together with the lower industrial costs and competitive EPC price make Ecarbtechnologies an important player that cannot to be neglected by all the companies that need to invest in the field of Chlor Alkali technologies. Ecarbtechnologies design take care of details that generate over-consumption and consequently increase of the variable and fixed costs.

Chinese technologies are not immediately applicable to the European standard. Ecarbtechnologies plays an important role in the Chinese technologies harmonization to the western standard of safety, environmental protection and construction. Ecarbtechnologies can guarantee the Chinese piping class alignment to ANSI and DIN standard, the compliance of local rules and regulation in safety and environmental protection and much more.
Our customers already took benefit from such an indisputable level of convenience, and they are available to share their positive experience.


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